Termites can attack a home within a matter of months, which is why So Pest Off always recommends doing your yearly general pest control in combination with your annual termite inspection.

Termites don't sleep, and can attack anytime of the day, and can travel up to 100m from their nest where they feed their queen. 

These tiny creatures are not always seen, and can be doing irreparable damage without you knowing. There are key indicators to let you know if you have termites, and some of the signs to look out for include

  • Mud Trails

  • Soft floorboards/architraves 

  • Consistent power shortages

  • Cracked paint/plaster

  • Swarm of flying insects outdoors

step one

Ensuring you are doing your annual termite inspection every year will allow you to have a clear image of what is happening inside your walls, under your home, and in your surroundings.


Call So Pest Off to organise your annual termite inspection today.

step two

Most homes will have an existing termite station in place that will need to be refilled to ensure protection is up to date. 

If your home doesn't have protection in place, this will be your next step to ensure that your home is not attacked by termites. As an accredited termite treatment company, So Pest Off will work with you and your needs to ensure that we provide you the highest level of protection.

step three

If your home has been attacked by termites So Pest Off will take all measures needed to rid them. This is not an overnight process - this process can take anywhere from multiple weeks to months. The treatment plan involves many steps along the way, but can include termite dusting, chemical treatments, and baiting systems.

step four

Ongoing inspections, removal of rotten woods and clutter under homes and inside homes is key to stop providing termites with a home to want to return to. Termites travel up to 100m from their nest and can eat wood at a rate of a 2x4 floor board entirely in 6 months. 

They also colonise in groups of up to 300,000.


Termites can detect older chemicals in the soil, and in turn can avoid them. Termites can't sense Termidor, which means they will continue to pass through the chemicals, killing them through contact & ingestion. Termites are social insects that live together in large colonies and feed and groom each other. So termites that have come into contact with Termidor soon pass it on to others. Even those secondarily affected termites can also pass Termidor on through feeding or contact.

$2 Million Dollar WARRANTY

The Termidor Assurance Warranty is unique. It covers your home for structural damage up to $2 million. It also guarantees that your home has been treated by an accredited Termidor applicator using genuine Termidor – not one of the many inferior copies. All you have to do is speak to your accredited pest controller who will start the warranty process.