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Rodents bring with them destruction, disease and a costly repair if not treatment immediately. 

Being omnivores, they eat ​everything, and have a constant need to gnaw to help their teeth. 

The most common way of knowing you have a rodent in the house, is a short in your electrical system. Rodents will eat through cables, furniture, insulation and even walls.

Rodents are known to carry diseases and spread this through urine & droppings that they will leave along their path. This is a sure fire way of knowing you have a problem and need immediate treatment. 

Pest control & pest management of rodents is treatable, contact So Pest Off today to help you arrange this. 

step one

At the first sign of a rodent in your property, we will send out a technician to do a thorough search of the property and identify if there are any entry points from outside that need to be sealed off. 


Call So Pest Off to organise your annual termite inspection today.

step two

We will use a combination of baits, traps & insecticides to exterminate the problem. 

Extermination is not immediate, but we will be on constant monitoring of your home to ensure you are protected along the way. 

So Pest Off is accredited and uses Selontra® Soft Bait Rodenticide which is one of the highest grades of protection.

step three

Monitoring of the system is done on a regular basis, and So Pest Off will advise you how often this is needed based on the severity of your problem and the size of the property being protected. 

step four

Removal of the deceased rodent if found on site can be done by you or you can call us. 

We take all sanitary and health precautions, and if you wish to remove it yourself please contact us to discuss the safest way to do this.